Is this legal?

Yes! Copyright law allows you the fair use of changing the format of music you own (just like transferring your CDs to an iPod).


Can I just buy the CD?

No, sorry. You must own the source (record) to legally possess a copy.


Will these CDs work in any CD player?

Yes! These CD-Rs will work in any CD player. Some older DVD players cannot play CD-Rs. If you intend playing these on a DVD player, you should check your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer to determine if they are compatible with CD-Rs.


Can I transfer the CD to my iPod?

Yes! You can do anything with these CD-Rs that you could do with a normal CD, including ripping to iTunes and your iPod.


Can you transfer my record(s) to CD?

Yes! Basic cost is $20/30/40 for the transfer of 7" single/12" single/LP to CD + any applicable options. Return shipping & handling is extra. If you have more than 10 records you'd like converted, there is a quantity discount. Please e-mail for more info on this service.


Where do you get the records?

There are thousands of online record "dealers." Many are professional and trustworthy; some are not. We are careful to work only with those dealers who are honest, timely and fair.


Can you ship internationally?

Sure! We ship everywhere in the world. The cost for air-mailing 1 LP&CD, anywhere in the world is $15, plus $5 each additional LP&CD title. 7" singles orders of any size are sent airmail for $10.

USA orders are a flat $10 priority mail (2-3 days) or $5 media mail (1-2 weeks) for any size order.


Why do you have [some CD] listed for sale when I can buy a commercial release, much cheaper, elsewhere?

We convert dealers' stock lists into CD listings. This will inevitably include some records that are already available on CD. So it is important that you make sure the CD isn't available commercially (Amazon.com is a good source) before having it converted from an record.


What do the record grades & abbreviations mean?

Dealers' grading definitions vary somewhat, but these are the basic categories and abbreviations, please e-mail for any additional info.

Still Sealed (SS): Record has never been opened.

Near Mint (NM, M-, NM-): A nearly perfect record. There may be one or two small inaudible defects. The record should show no obvious signs of wear.

Very Good Plus (VG+) or Excellent (E, EX): The record will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took very good care of it. Record surfaces may show some slight signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect one's listening experience. A VG+ cover likewise will look very nice with mild signs of wear.

Very Good (VG): Many of the defects found in a VG+ record will be more pronounced in a VG disc. Surface noise will be evident upon playing, especially in soft passages and during a song's intro and fade, but will not overpower the music otherwise. Groove wear will start to be noticeable, as will light scratches (deep enough to feel with a fingernail) that will affect the sound. VG covers will have some defects, such as ring wear, seam splits, writing or general wear (often specific cover defects will be listed).

Good (G) or Good Plus (G+): A record in Good or Good Plus condition can be put onto a turntable and will play though without skipping. But it will have significant surface noise and scratches and visible groove wear. A jacket or sleeve will have serious defects.

brass plug: small brass plug in cover to indicate cut-out
cut corner, slice of cover is missing to indicate cut-out
: cut-out-hole, small hole in cover
dnap: does not affect play
in shrink: in original shrinkwrap (but not sealed)
in loose bag: in original loose bag (predates shrinkwrap)
noc: name on cover (nobc: name on back cover, nofc: name on front cover)
: name on label
: reissue, not the first pressing
: ringwear (wear on cover resembling the shape of the record)
: sawmark, small cut in cover to indicate cut-out
soc: sticker on cover (sobc: sticker on back cover, sofc: sticker on front cover)
: sticker on label
ss: seam split
toc: tape on cover (tobc: tape on back cover, tofc: tape on front cover)
tol: tape on label
: writing on cover (wobc: writing on back cover, wofc: writing on front cover)
wol: writing on label


I'm a record dealer, how can I list my records on cdbbq?

We're always looking for more reputable dealers to increase our inventory. Please e-mail to inquire about getting your records listed on the site. All you need is a regularly updated list of your stock. The records need to be graded, and you must reliably ship within 1 week of order.