Praise (a sampling of many thousands of positive responses from customers since 2001!)


They are lovely - many thanks. - Theodore Bikel (we transferred over a dozen from his own collection!)

The tracks sound great! Thank you for bringing our long-lost recordings back to life in a digital format. Believe it or not, it has been more than forty years since we last heard this! - Barbara Cooper of The Womenfolk

2012 - My CD arrived today and I must say that I am extremely pleased with it. I can't believe you were able to extract such great sound from an old 45 single! It's worth every penny and more. Thank you. Charles

2012 - I received these two LPs with the CDs that you recorded the music today. I was so moved by the freshness of the transfer onto the CDs. It was the music from 30 years ago that I so clearly remembered in vivid clarity. These ears that have been so sterilised by digital hash were revived by the thrill of analogue music. What a great transfer! Thank you. It was money well spent. Best regards - TS, Singapore

2012 - Awesome! Phenomenal! I don't have the right words to describe the LP to CD conversion you did for me. There seems to be no distortions at all. Both the highs and the lows of the recording are outstanding. And it doesn't matter if it's a fast section of music or a slow section, the recording is exceptional. I've listened to it in the car and then with headphones on, and the recording is virtually flawless. And even the artwork was exquisitely and expertly done just the way I wanted, giving it that "normal" CD look. Thank you it's perfect! - Jim

2012 - You work is perfect. The CD reminds me why I love this version of "Rhapsody in Blue." I haven't heard it in years, because the scratchy vinyl I had was "unlistenable." Your CD brought it back. Its like being with an old friend you haven't heard from in years. I listened to your CD carefully, critically. There are no flaws. I am totally satisfied, pleased really, with how good this CD is. The life in the recording is still there, free of scratches and background noise. Quite an achievement. - Ken

2012 - THANK YOU, THANK YOU.....!!! The package arrived today and I have been playing the CD and enjoying it VERY much. The album is beautiful and in excellent condition.... You truly are a great technician and a great person to work with and I appreciate it. - Bill

2012 - Shipment arrived yesterday. Perfect condition. Audio quality is above expections and I am delighted with my order. Will recommend your services. Thank you very much. - Christine

2012 - Can't say anything more than....up to your usual excellent standard, thank you. Regards, Susan, Australia

2012 - What a way to perk up a dreary day in New Jersey, I see a big white box sitting in my mailbox when I got home! Listening to the tracks you ripped for me, stellar 5 star job in both reproduction and carefully and respectfully packing all the products. We will definitely meet up in the future to do more business when I come across more obscure artists who will probably never bother to put their stuff in any other format. Regards, Dave

2012 - Got the LP and two CDs today! I am listening to Rachmaninoff and crying.... brings back such memories of my brother playing the music from this album. Thank you so very much. I never thought I'd be able to play this particular album again. You did a great job on it. - Bill

2012 - Been meaning to write for a while to say thanks for the excellent job you did on the project ... It's excellent, and I really appreciate the quality of the CDs and the album (which, to be honest, I have not spun yet because the CDs are so good and I have uploaded the songs to iTunes). Just a quick note to offer praise for the care you took and the high standards you are clearly dedicated to upholding. - James

2011 - Hi Tim! I am absolutely amazed at the quality of the cd's!!! Great work! Thank you so much for a truly remarkable job!!! I will most definitely be sending you some of my LP's to be transfered the same way. - Trey

2011 - Dear Tim, I received my order today, and I would like to commend you for the superb job you have done. The items arrived in promptly and in excellent condition. Most importantly, however, this is perhaps the most clean LP to CD conversion I have ever heard! Your outstanding work has exceeded any and all expectations I previously held. Thank you so much, and if I ever need another LP to CD conversion in the future I will definitely order from you again. - David

2011 - Tim, I want you to know how much I am enjoying the wonderful CDs you created for me! The sound quality is just perfect... clear and rich... I can't believe what an amazing job you did! I am just thrilled... and the wonderful cd labels that look just like the album cover! I am very, very impressed and so happy! Thank you again! Shelley

2011 - Got the CD/album yesterday when I arrived home from long day at work at about 11pm. Opened it immediately. Listened to it all the way through..twice; goose bumps, misty eyes...awesome; some of MoTab's best works. Brought back so many fond memories of my late mother and Christmas. It was her favorite album. As I said before I have been looking for it for more than a decade. Thanks so much, Mark.

2011 - I received your package today with the re-mastered recordings. Let me say, I think that it sounds fantastic! And I am very happy with the final product, as is everyone else in my family. The clarity and depth of the final product is beyond our expectations! The dynamics and overall volume of the CD is just perfectly balanced. -- definitely a thrill to finally hear everything leveled and sounding amazing after they were generally poorly recorded and sloppily mixed etc. You Sir, live up to your claim! - Donna

2010 - Hi Tim, received my order today, many thanks for such a great job, been looking for 20 years for this song, CD quality is first class, regards Steve, Sydney Australia.

2010 - I've received my order today and just want to let you know, that i'm once again are amazed about the excellent quality of your service and work! I've searched for about 20 years for the Sombrero Times Album of the Dutch Pop Group Gruppo Sportivo. To hear these Songs today again in your perfect recording and remastering is like having christmas a second time. So, a big, really big, thank you to you and greetings from Switzerland - Roland

2010 - I received your package yesterday. There is only one word to describe your work of art, AWESOME!!!!!!!! This is music to perfection. I have told my friends and family members about your service. Thank you so much for bringing back the memories where the after market has failed so miserably. - John

2010 - The album and CDs arrived in this afternoon's mail. I had a listen to the CD and it sounds great. No pops, no hiss, nothing to tell that it came from one of those old-fashioned analog thingees. I'm really impressed with the digitalization as well as the packaging. - David

2010 - Tim, I received my CD's & record today. I must say, I am very impressed with your work!! This was my favorite x-mas album growing up that my mother used to play for me. She recently passed away and I had been looking for it on CD for a very long time. It sounds wonderful..better than I remember IT.. due to your work. I love the extra CD to save away for safe keeping. Thank you again, now I cant wait for Christmas to play it often! I'm very glad I found your site. - Mike

2009 - I received the records and CD's today....They are superb, as usual. - George

2009 - I received the album and CD. Excellent work and service! Thank you! - Oz

2009 - I rushed home to get the delivery and was not disappointed. I popped the CD's into the vehicle to give them the test run and just now transferred them to the laptop and the iPod. I can't believe how great they sound. I have only heard these albums in the form of cassettes, and you know the quality of tape. There are actually some sounds made by the artist that were never audible before. - Catherine

2008 - I received the LP and CD yesterday or the day before. Well, you exceeded my expectations! This is a magnificent piece of work. I'm not an audio expert, but I have put in hundreds of hours converting old LPs to MP3, many of which date to the 40s and 50s. I tried using the popularly-available audio products' built-in filters, and discovered how they ruin the sound. So I had done only the most obvious fixes, such as cutting the big pops and replacing skipped music. So I really appreciate the quality you were able to achieve using the techniques you mentioned in your introduction. And you really did it up fine with the cover and back cover art on the CD itself and case. My Dad is in for a very special surprise. Thanks. If I need further restorations, I known whom to contact! - Riley

2008 - Thank you. I'm really amazed at the quality of the recording. I've tried to do it myself for those recordings that have never made it to CD, but have always had problems with electronic noise and pops and crackles from dirty vinyl. - Dale

2008 - Thank you very much for the excellent CD copy of the LP I had ordered through you. I am very satisfied with the superb quality of sound and the excellent condition in which the products arrived, considering it was an extremely busy time for postal services everywhere. I shall be recommending cdbbq to all my music-loving family and friends. I am thankful a business such as yours exists! Keep up the excellent work. - Eliza

2008 - I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about sending our vinyl records off to be transferred to cd format. But, of course, you proved my apprehensions unwarranted. Couldn't wait to open the cdbbq package and listen to your work on receipt of same over the weekend. The tracks sound great! Thank you for bringing two of our long-lost recordings back to life in a digital format. Believe it or not, it has been more than forty years since we last heard our version of Gordon Lightfoot's "The Way I Feel." What a thrill to hear it again. Thanks Tim: from producing the transfers in a timely fashion, to scanning the actual record label onto the cd (cute!), to taking the time to answer my questions via email - you have done a first-rate job in processing our order. We are very pleased and will recommend your service to others who are looking to bring their out-of-print recordings into the digital age. Best of luck and continued success with your business in the New Year. - Barbara Cooper, The Womenfolk

2008 - I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how pleased I am with my order. It has been about 30 years since I last heard this. I am so glad to have it to listen to again, and I am particularly grateful to you for the care you took in the transfer. The sound is so clean. (You know on an iPod every little bit of static and stray pop seems amplified. This CD is SO clean!) I'm going to frame the LP cover too. - James

2008 - Great Great Quality again... - Rob

2008 - Just a note to say a big thank you for the LP and CD you sent me. I still have my record deck anyway so I have played both the LP and CD. I must say, you must have spent a lot of time transferring this onto CD because of the original high recording level of the LP on the verge of distortion, not to mention the background clicks, etc. An absolute work of art. Thanks again Tim and if I need any in the future I'll certainly come to you first and recommend anybody else to do the same - Ray

2008 - Thank you for the effort of restoring our music! Happy to say your work arrived today in perfect condition - Rene

2008 - Outstanding work, I could not be happier. Thanks again and I will definitely use your services in the future - Mike

2008 - Parcel arrived this morning everything fine as usual a splendid job - Malcom

2008 - Hi Tim, Just wanted to advise that I have received the item. What a superb, pristine and excellent clear quality sound you've done on the cd! Just as great, if not better, than a factory-pressed recording. I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful job! This was well worth the investment! I look forward to future purchases from you of any rare vinyls that I have been seeking to have transferred onto a cd. Many thanks again!!! - Jeff

2008 - I must tell you how pleased I am with the CD's you sent. The quality is astonishingly good. May I send you 2 more LP's for conversion? - Vince

2008 - Just writing to let you know that I have received everything successfully and say that I am very pleased with the quality of the products as well as the overall experience of doing business with you and your company. I will be happy to recommend your company to my friends and other vinyl music loving people related to me. - Arvid

2007 - Today I returned from a business trip to find my order waiting on my desk. It's rare even in this age of online business to find a product that so perfectly surpasses one's expectations. The quality of the CD transfer, the superb cover and liner notes, and the excellent condition of the original LPs left me quite astounded. One of the records I have been seeking for over twenty years, and the CD version is better than my somewhat scratched original was! The other recordings are historically amazing and it gratifies me to know that I may have one of only a few CD versions of these great recordings in existence. The graded quality/price service is especially brilliant, since it lets people decide whether they just want to remember that tune, or to enjoy a CD quality experience. Great work!! I give you a 15 out of 10 on everything from service to product quality to imagination. I'll definitely start looking for other gaps in my musical collection on your website--starting right now! Thanks and regards - John

2007 - Thanks a lot, everything is great! The quality of the cd is perfect together with the scanned image. Once again thanks a lot for having found this cd. I never though I could find it! I will tell all my friends about your fantastic website and way of working! See you, to the next purchase. - Patrick

2007 - You have made my father-in-law a very happy man! He never thought he would be able to hear his favorite songs again. - Melissa

2007 - The CD and record arrived here and I'm Very Happy indeed. Everything exactly as described and crystal clear sound a delight to listen to. - Kaye

2007 - Once again you've done a masterful job on remastering these discs. - Edmund

2007 - Received the order in perfect condition about 2 hours ago. Listened to the cd immediately. All I can say is GREAT JOB!! I had been searching for this album in any form for about 15 years. Now thanks to you I have the original LP plus a wonderfully recorded cd. I can't thank you enough. Best music money I ever spent. - Eric

2006 - Service was excellent, and product was quality and delivered in a timely fashion. - John

2006 - The LP and CD were retrieved from the Post Office by me yesterday. I'm listening to it for the first time as I write this, marvelling not only at the crystal clear sound quality (indistinguishable, to my ears at least, from the directly pressed CDs made today) but also at a service which allows a supplier in America to source a remarkably obscure vinyl recording made many years ago in New Zealand and supply it to a customer in Australia burned perfectly to a CD. It's one of those "simple but incredible" ideas that deserves to be a real winner and, on the strength of what I've seen of your service, I have no doubt it will be. - Rex

2006 - I just went and picked it up. I couldn't wait, so I opened it up and listened on the way home. It's been over 20 years since I heard the music. My record had been destroyed (along with about 100 others) years ago after a flood in my home. Anyway, you did an outstanding job. The quality is excellent! - Rick

2006 - Tim, My order arrived in today's mail. I am pleased to say, both the album and the CD exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a job well done. - Joe

2006 - Positively Amazing Seller!!! More than I could have ever asked for and great shipping!!! - April

2006 - I received my CD today and I loved it...Thank you so much. My children had no idea what the record was...they said mom that is a really big CD - ouch!!!! - Julie

2006 - The CD is now landet in Switzerland and she is SUPER SUPER SUPER!!! Thank you very much!! - Jeannette

2006 - Good afternoon! The record and CD arrived in the mail today! And I am OVERWHELMED !!! There's just no other way to put it! I was impressed by the packaging when it arrived, impressed by the condition of the record, wiped out by the label on the CD, and OVERWHELMED by the sound! - no clicks, pops, snaps, crackles whatsoever! - PERFECT!!! I put the CD in my player right away, unsure of what I had purchased. I had intended to listen to a track or two just to check things out. Instead I listened to the entire CD. It blew me away! I'm sixty-six years old, a dinosaur, and my well worn copy of "The Bells of Christmas" has a great many treasured memories buried in its grooves. To be able to enjoy it again and like this leaves me almost speechless. I haven't used my turntable for a very long time but I'm going to have to go through my record collection to see if there are other recordings that I value as much as I value this one. THANK YOU !!!! - Neil

2006 - My sister received this on Monday and was absolutely delighted! This was an album that we used to listen to when we were kids and, of course, it's been out of print forever. She said that you did such a good job reproducing the cover that she didn't even realize that it was a copy. - Carole

2006 - Just a note to tell you that you made my Christmas with the timely arrival of Lorne Greene's Must be Santa. I have looked every holiday for the last 15-16 years for that rousing tune that sets the stage for my holiday to no avail, and thought it to be a lost cause. I was giving it one last shot through prompting by some friends. I must say that I was a little nervous because of the many similar titles of getting the incorrect tune, but persevered because of your return policy I am sure happy I did!!!! I want to thank you again for your help!! - John

2006 - Oh boy I am so happy. I think I am ready to die now. Beside from my future plans of experiencing the pyramids in Egypt, this was one of my highest dreams. Thanks Tim. And the quality? I am really impressed. There is absolutely no noise, clips, no glim-glam in the pauses between the drum beats. Realy impressive. I am really satisfied on your work. I will defenately do business with you again. I have more wishes on singles/ maxi singles which never will find their way to the cd media for sure. - Michael

2006 - Thanks it's awesome. I'm driving around all day listening to it. I even know all the words? The quality is great considering we used a drum machine all those years ago! - Bernie (we transferred his own recording!)

2005 - Absolutely brilliant. I have been searching for this single for over twenty years!!!!! - Keith

2005 - I received my order in the mail today and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the work you put into this project. The cds sound great! They are going to be a gift to my dad and I'm sure he's going to enjoy them. Thanks for keeping the music and memories alive. - Misha

2005 - Thanks ever so much for a great job! I am very pleased by the quality of the copy. It's the one LP I always wanted on CD and you've fulfilled that desire. Thanks again for your work. - Littleton

2005 - Thank you, received the cd's on Saturday and have listened to them and appreciate the excellent recovery job you did. I am sure that my children and grandchildren will be delighted. - Celia

2005 - Excellent service! The goods arrived earlier than I expected and in mint condition! - Monica

2005 - You did a wonderful job on the CD you made for me. It was as if it was recorded on CD, clear as a bell. - Bob

2005 - Tim...received album and CD today...Excellent sound...great very happy with total package...Am already thinking of more lost classics from my old collection...Will highly recommend your service and will be in touch...Thanks again, Jim

2005 - I want to thank you for getting the 2 CDs and albums to my Dad. He was just tickled with the quality of the copies! In the future, should I need any more CD copies made from rare recordings, I know who I can depend on to get the job done! - Lee

2005 - Just received my order and am playing one of them now and am really impressed with the quality. I'm very happy and will order more. - Paul

2004 - Thank you so very much! I received the CD and album just after Christmas and truly love it; the CD sounds so crisp and clear, the quality is even better than when I used to play the album back when it was released in 1980! - Michael

2004 - Just wanted to let you know I received my order and it sounds GREAT. Even better than I remember it. This was a tough find even on vinyl 20 years ago and to have it on CD is the greatest. I have already recommended your service to several friends. Thanks again - Dale

2004 - Hi Tim, From my girlfriend I'd like to pass on thanks again. That LP was something from her past & her father who died years ago & she was so touched that someone could find it. The CD service you provide is a wonderful idea & the CD sounds great. You helped us have a great Christmas! - Dave

2004 - The package arrived this afternoon and I am more than thrilled! I listened to the CD, because I'd never heard Great-Uncle Glen's music before, and it sounded as if he were right there in my living room! Fantastic! - Cindy

2004 - I received the cd that was not available on cd in the stores. I am very satisfied & have been trying to get the music on cd for 10 years !!! The cd sounds perfect & it's in stereo ! I am sooo satisfied I play it every day & even on my way to work I accidently road pass my JOB listening to the cd. THANK YOU! - Pat

2004 - Ive received the LP plus CD. Everything was all right, very well packed. The LP seems to be brand new. Incredible for a 1971 release. The recording on CD is perfect also. Thank you for all. - Paulo

2004 - Hello Tim, The records arrived today and I'm busy annoying the neighbours and possibly half of Australia! What a hoot - I hadn't heard them before, just liked the people on them so have had a grand time listening and enjoying. Some friends have serious record collections and have infected me with this bug. I like the option of cds as well for travelling in the car. Do like my music so you will hear from me again soon. Again thank you. - Shyril

2004 - I received the album and disk in great shape. The sound and quality are phenomenal, considering that this is a copy from an album. It is much better than I expected! You do great work! I lost track of my copy of the album many years ago and I searched for a CD of this album for years in vain, but now I have it. Many thanks and I will definately do business with you again when I need it! This is a GREAT service. - Ken

2003 - The quality of the CD from the album was impressive. Noise reduction techniques used were excellent. I highly recommend this seller to anyone needing an album in CD format. Many albums will never be released as a CD and this is a great alternative. Top notch work! - Bill

2003 - CD arrived in the timeframe originally quoted. It is ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I included basic noise reduction in mine and you would swear it is a store-bought cd. The quality is SUPERB! - Christine

2003 - Received the CD on Friday. Thanks so much. Excellent work. One of my favorite albums in my high school days and I never thought I would get to hear it again. I've listened to it 3 or 4 times already. Trying to make up for 16 years lost time. Thanks again. - Bill

2003 - This is just a short note to let you know that all the LPs and CDs arrived OK (in the very good packaging that you provided), three days ago, here in Australia. I would like to express my great delight for the superb quality of the various renditions and your very professional service. - Chris

2003 - Yo Tim, Excellent job! I realize it comes from a vinyl recording but it sounds great. I appreciate you helping me out. - Raymond

2003 - As this was only the second time I have made an on-line purchase, I was a bit leery. However, I always received a prompt response to my purchase status inquiries, and I received an excellent product. - Kelli

2003 - Order received. Superb job, as usual. - Jean

2002 - I am the happiest man in the world right now. Too bad, after this email, I have to go back to the real world. You know, Tim, the old saying that all a needs is a good car and a good wife to be happy. Well, with me its also my music - Bill

2002 - I received the package yesterday! and am most satisfied - Tim

2002 - Just to let you know that I received the first order and I am very pleased with your work. Your craftmanship gets an "A+" and also my vote if you were running for president. I am forever grateful for your services and I also wish you continuing success in the years ahead. - Robert

2002 - I've rec'd my order yesterday. I have played all the CD's and they are wonderful. The records appear to be in very good condition. - George

2002 - just received LP and CD-R...Excellent!  I am very much satisfied with the result of your work beyond my expectation. Thank you so much. - Naoki

2002 - I received the package last week and I am THOROUGHLY satisfied. I searched for that album for years. - Gino

2002 - I received the CD that you made for me on Tuesday. I just wanted to say that I think you did a great job. It sounded like a real CD made from the master tapes, even though it was recorded from an LP. - Leighton

2002 - The cd and lp arrived today.  The cd plays great! - Jeff

2002 - Got the order today & it was better than I had hoped. Thank you for the great service & prompt replies to my e-mails - Jim

2002 - I have been trying to find a copy of this song for a long-long time. I am the songwriter, and having lost my house in a fire some years ago, I, of course, no longer had any copies of my song, and with the record company no longer being in business,  I had no way to even begin to find a copy. This particular song is really special to me because it was my first release as a professional songwriter. I am so excited that I am now able to acquire a copy of my song that I am really jumping for joy, and even more excited that you will be copying it to a cd. - Toni

2002 - Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the CD. My parents bought this LP when they were first married in the late 50's and I remember it as a part of every Christmas when I was a child. Their LP has since suffered scratches and a cassette tape they made was not very good. They will be thrilled when I give them the new LP and CD! - Gillian

2002 - The LP and CD arrived yesterday. The sound quality of the CD is excellent and exceeded my expectations. Great job. - Mark

2001 - I received the CD yesterday. It is perfect!!! - Wendy

2001 - I recieved my album/cd on christmas eve. Thank you very much, you did a great job. I am a jazz musician. When I was playing rock and roll in high school a friend of mine gave me this record and it changed my life. I have not been able to find it until now. This cd means so much to me it's unbelievable. I have listened to this countless times as a teenager and it is as enjoyable now as it ever was. Thanks again - Daniel

2001 - Tim, everything arrived safe and sound and I have to tell you they sound so terrific. I thought I would never hear those tunes again :) Many thanks for all your help and have a great holiday! - Shannon

2001 - The music arrived today in great shape.Our enjoyment of it is undescribable. You are truly a genius to be able to provide such perfection. Many thanks again for all your efforts in our behalf. Best regards - Rob

2001 - Hello Tim, this is Stan is good to see some of my old recordings in your collections of country music. I am glad you have managed to save some of my old music history, and you've done a lot better job than I ever did since I don't have near all of them. You are offering a good service to fans of older music who have never had the opportunity to enjoy their music of cd. - Stan

2001 - The CD & LP arrived today. The sound is excellent. The large-print list of songs inside the jewel box is a nice touch. I'm so happy to hear this old friend again! (My LP is shot.) You did a fine job. Thanks. - Phillip

2001 -Hi, there....Just had to write and let you know I got the albums and they are FANTASTIC! As usual, you did a SUPERB job....The music sounds brand new....I can't tell the difference between new and music that was released 30 years ago....WOW!!! - George

2001 - I received record and CD this week. The CD is perfect - thanks so much. One very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work - Sinuhe

2001 - That last CD was the best ever! I have one more to send you next week. Each time I think that it's the last one, but then something else comes up. So, if you keep up with such a high quality product, I'll keep sending you more business. - Stu

2001 - The CD sounds great! Thanks for providing such a unique and valuable (or should I say invaluable) service. My mom is going to be floored when she opens her gift. My family has been searching for this album for years and none of us even own turntables anymore. I was going to buy her a turntable just so she could listen to this album. Now I don't have to. I will happily refer friends and family to cdbbq. - Angela

2001 - Just a quick note to inform you that I received my LP & CD today. As ever they are both excellent. - John

2001 - Received my merchandise. Do you have a thirty day guarantee? At the rate I have been listening to the CD's, I may have them worn out before then. HaHa. - Marianne

2001 - Wanted to e-mail you to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did for me recently. I had been searching for this album for a couple of months when my girlfriend discovered your site. You did a fantastic job with the CD transfer! It will actually be a present for my mother. I appreciate your work; it shows a true commitment to excellence. I'm sure we'll do business again! - David

2001 - CD sounds GREAT! - Mary

2001 - I have received something from you that I have wanted for 40 plus years. I was 18 and in the Air Force when I first heard it. I never got this piece of music, I carried it in my head when I traveled all these years, now I have BOTH [LP & CD], with the CD that I can play in the car. There are not enough words to tell you how grateful I am to see this again. - Gabriel

2001 - Received the LP and CD today. WOW! My wife and I are psyched. We've been looking for that album for a couple of years with no success. We were beginning to think it was a lost cause. Then I found your site. You did a nice job of recording and we're just happy as clams. - Bill

2001 - All I can say is WOW. You did a great job on the CD. - Jeff

2001 - I received the CD and LP thank you. It's a very good CD and LP. - Obidio

2001 - The LP and CD arrived today safe and sound. I played the CD and loved it. When I was a child back in the 40's, my grandparents had an old Victrola. This was one of my favorite songs and I practically wore the song out! It was great to hear it again, and sounding much better than it did on the old Victrola. - Phyllis

2001 - I just received the record and CD. You did an EXCELLENT job! I LOVE this album, and it's not even Christmas. I am playing the CD over and over again, it's gorgeous! - George

2001 - Your parcel containing the record & CD arrived today. Thank you for your efficient service, I have played both and was delighted with the sound. I was quite amazed that the LP was in such good condition after all these years. Rest assured that I shall pass on a very good recommendation of your business to my friends in the UK as well as here in Australia. - Ken

2001 - The LP and CD arrived today in good shape. Thanks for a quality product. - Michael

2001 - I got the CD/album today and love it! Thanks. Will be ordering again soon. - Lynette

2001 - I got my album & CD. Wow, it was like seeing an old dear friend when I saw that album cover. I never thought I'd see that album again. The CD sounds great and the album sounds wonderful, I know albums are outdated, but I just love putting them on and playing them from time to time. - Gina

2001 - Let me express to you my deep happiness on the recovering of the Suite Trane. And it was remarkable the sound of the CD: just not to lose the analogue feeling! Well: thank you for the job, business and existence! With my heart - Alberto

2001 - I have the LP and CDs you sent me. You have done an absolutely fantastic job in transferring the LP into CD format. There is no detectable phonograph noise in the CD recording, and the overall sound quality is fantastic. It is a real pleasure for me to be able to hear this recording again. It is a joy to do business with you. You have genuine skills, and you go the extra distance to keep the customer informed on the status of each order. Your continuous cooperation has been invaluable. - Doug

2001 - The CD and album arrived two days ago and I've been listening to the CD ever since. It means the world to me. I've been trying off and on to find it for 20 years! The quality of the sound is wonderful. - Patricia

2001 - I have received it. It is perfect!! Thanks a lot. - Dawn

2001 - I got the CD and record. The CD sounds great. It brings back many childhood memories. - Gregg

2001 - Thanks, Tim. Turned out really well. - Dan

2001 - I just received your shipment and I am truly delighted!! I just finished playing the CD and it sounds just fantastic. It has brought back a lot of good memories. Thank you for doing such a superb job. - Don

2001 - I got the LP and CD and am totally happy. Thanks! This recording was really important to me in the dark ages, so I'm really pleased to have this music again. - Harry

2001 - Thank you very much for what you have done with these records [they sent records from their collection]. Me and my wife are very happy. - Wojtek

2001 - I just received my CD and thank you very much - It looks and sounds great. - Rick

2001 - You have no idea how grateful I am to have found you and this album. Many years ago, my oldest son, who is still a boob at 31, broke my mother's copy of this LP in a rage at one of his brothers. My mother is now almost 81, and that is her favorite album. She no longer has a stereo, but I bought her a mid-size boom box with a cd player two years ago, with a pile of cds of all the music she loves. When I told her I finally found the album and on a cd no less, she couldn't be more thrilled. She can't see, and can't walk much so her music and her book tapes mean an awful lot to her. Thank you again for your speedy and extremely valuable service. Gratefully, Suzanne.

2001 - I received the CDs today and I want to thank you, they sounds great. It has been a pleasure to do business with you as you have been responsive, responsible, and very professional. I wish you continued success in your business and want you to know I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others. - Mary

2001 - Product arrived yesterday, played CD today, sounds great, thanks for prompt service and excellent communication. - Jim

2001 - Got home from work today and my album & CD were waiting for me. I'm listening to it right now.........sounds great! - Chet

2001 - I've waited in vain for years for the re-issue. This is one of my desert island recordings, so you've performed a real service for me! - Doug

2001 - Many, many sincere thanks for parcel received this morning. LP and CD conversion are absolutely fantastic!, will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues. Will contact you again soon as there are many other CD conversions I would like done. Once again, thankyou Tim for a very professional job. - Nigel