Is this legal?

Yes!  Copyright law provides for the "fair use" of changing the format of music you own (just like ripping your commercial CDs to a computer, and then a smartphone).

Can I just buy the CD?

No, sorry. You must own the source record to legally possess a CD copy.

Will these CDs work in any CD player?


Can I transfer the CD to my iWhatever?

Yes! You can do anything with these CDs that you could do with a commercial CD.

Where do you get the records?

There are thousands of online record "dealers."  Many are professional and trustworthy; some are not.  We are careful to work only with those dealers who are reliable.

Can you ship internationally?

Sure!  We ship everywhere in the world.

Why do you have [...] listed for sale when I can buy a commercial release, much cheaper, elsewhere?

We convert reputable vinyl dealers' entire stock lists into CD listings.  This will inevitably include some records that are already available on CD.