I offer three levels of service in transferring the record to CD: Professional, Silver and Gold.  My standard Professional service consists of the following steps:

  • When I receive your order, I will purchase your record from the appropriate dealer.  Upon receipt, your record will be professionally cleaned.
  • Your record will be converted to digital format on audiophile equipment.  I use Creek Audio class A phono preamplifiers exclusively.  I have several different turntable/cartridge configurations; I will determine the setup used for your record by considering the vinyl format, type of music, year pressed, label and condition.  I have a dedicated setup for 7" singles, and another for 78 rpm releases.  For LP transfers, I have standardized on two excellent turntables (Music Hall MMF-5 and Technics SL-1200MK2) and my two favorite cartridges (Audio Technica AT-440MLa and Denon DL-110).  If you prefer that I use a particular turntable and/or cartridge for your order, please let me know.  I will otherwise make my best selection based on my experience.
  • A sophisticated noise/hum reduction process will be performed.  This Professional level process produces CDs that sound fantastic!
  • The music will be divided into individual tracks, and recorded onto Japanese-made Taiyo Yuden CDRs (these are the best standard blank CDs available).  CD-Text is utilized to store song names on the CD.
  • The artist/title and track listing will be printed in high resolution onto your CD.  The end result will resemble:
  •  Standard Professional Service


    My Silver Service can be added for $15 for 7" single conversion, $20 for 12" single conversion, or $25 for LP conversion. It adds the following features:
  • Additional noise and pop/click reduction methods will be utilized.  The music will be processed to remove much of the noise, primarily loud clicks and pops, and surface noise in quiet passages and between tracks.  I've experimented with the majority of the noise reduction programs on the market and have developed a protocol that provides excellent noise reduction, without damaging the music.  I've processed many thousands of records and have found ideal settings, fine tuned to the kind of music being processed, to remove as much noise as possible without any harm to the music.
  • Both sides of the cover, or the labels (for singles without picture sleeves), will be scanned with my high resolution large format scanner and printed on the CD.  Also, I will print beautiful high resolution slim jewel case inserts on glossy photo paper.  I prefer slim cases for their durability and size; if you'd rather have a full-size case it's a free option, just let me know.  The end result will resemble:
  •  Silver/Gold Service


    My Gold Service can be added for $30 for 7" single conversion, $40 for 12" single conversion, or $50 for LP conversion.  It adds the following features:

  • Advanced noise reduction techniques are applied.  Several steps are added in the advanced noise reduction process, including manually searching the music files for any impulses (clicks/pops) and removing them carefully and individually.  I also use an advanced set of algorithms that split the music files into components and applies noise reduction to each component separately, then combines them into a single music file again.  This provides a significant drop in the noise floor without distorting or thinning out the sound.
  • Your music will be burned onto a Mitsui MAM-A 24K gold plated 300 year archival CDR. These are widely regarded as the finest blank CDs on the market.


  • Your CDs will function in every way like commercially made CDs. You can play them in any CD player, and you can rip them to your computer and upload to any device.  I prefer the size and durability of slim jewel cases. If you prefer a standard size jewel case please request it when you order.