Dr. Hajime Murooka | Lullaby From The Womb | Capitol ST-11421 | LP&CD

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Capitol ST-11421 USA 1974

  1. Mother Sounds For The Newborn Baby
  2. Sound Of The Main Artery Of The Mother (A)
  3. Sound Of The Main Artery Of The Mother (B)
  4. Sounds Of The Main Artery And Veins Of The Mother
  5. Sounds To Relax The Newborn Baby (Combination)
  6. From Mother Sounds To Relaxing Music
  7. Sounds Of The Womb & Intermezzo From Jewels Of The Madonna
  8. Sounds Of The Womb & Traumerei From Scenes From Childhood
  9. Familiar Music For The Baby's Enviroment
  10. Meditation From Thais
  11. Air On The G String
  12. Intermezzo From Cavalleria Rusticana
  13. The Swan From Carnival Of The Animals
  14. Andante Cantabile
  15. Panorama From Sleeping Beauty